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Group Leader Manual for Youth
Group Leader Manual for Youth


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MY FRIENDS Youth Skills for Life is a social and emotional learning program designed to give adolescents positive coping skills to cope with feelings of fear, worry, and depression by building resilience and self-esteem. MY FRIENDS teaches important life skills to help young people better navigate the new challenges and increased expectations and responsibilities faced during adolescence. In addition to teaching cognitive behavioural skills for preventing and managing anxiety, MY FRIENDS helps young people learn strategies for increasing their confidence, incorporating mindfulness into their lives, developing healthy friendships and increasing their well-being through healthy activities.

The new edition incorporates recent research findings in the areas of preventing anxiety and depression in young people as well promoting resilience (e.g., attention training, healthy eating and being active every day). Developed in Australia by Dr. Paula Barrett, MY FRIENDS is being implemented successfully in schools and clinics throughout the world.

The MY FRIENDS Skills for Life Group Leader Manual consists of a spiral bound book containing 10 sessions plus 2 booster sessions and daily activities young people are encouraged to engage in. It includes an introduction to anxiety and depression, an introduction to the FRIENDS for Life Program, information on how to use the program in educational and health settings, guidelines for Group Leaders, a Parent Session, and appendices. A MY FRIENDS Youth Skills for Life poster is also included.

Please note that CERTIFICATION through a one day MY FRIENDS Skills for Life training is required prior to implementing the program.


Dr. Paula Barrett

Number of Pages:

160 (Group Leader Manual)

Publish Date:

2013 (6th edition)


Soft Cover

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