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Facilitator's Guide to Building Resilience in 4-7 yr olds Through Play
Facilitator's Guide to Building Resilience in 4-7 yr olds Through Play


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FUN Friends is the latest program developed by Dr Paula Barrett, author of the world leading, evidence based FRIENDS program. FUN Friends teaches emotional resilience to 4 to 7 year olds that will stay with children for life, and teaches practical, useful strategies for coping with stress, worry, fear and sadness.

With FUN Friends, children will gain the emotional and social intelligence necessary to excel during their school years. This program helps young children have a smooth transition into school, and improves their confidence and social skills. It is an empowering program for children, parents and educators in life skills and resilience strategies.

The FUN FRIENDS Facilitator's Guide for building resilience in 4 to 7 year -old children through play is a spiral-bound book containing 12 sessions with group activities designed to build resilience in young children. Each session provides guidelines for the group activities, handouts, and Home Practice for parents. Puppet activities are included in the appendices as well as in the FUN FRIENDS Parent's Guide.

Please not the CERTIFICATION through a one day FUN FRIENDS training is required prior to implementation.


Dr. Paula Barrett

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Publish Date:

2008 (2nd edition)


Soft Cover